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"Over the millennia of their existence, these large territorial arachnids have evolved their web spinning glands into dangerous projectile weapons. They fire slow-moving but deadly orbs of poisonous plasma that deliver substantial damage. Their close-range fang attack should also be avoided."
- Unreal: RTNP manual

The Spinner is a giant spider-type monster that appears in Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

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They are brown in color, have 8 legs, with 2 small forearms, 6 eyes and a rear body that somewhat resembles that of a wasp. They usually appear in small numbers (only 1 or 2), and only appear in groups in Velora Temple. They can also been seen walking on walls in some occasions, but they do not use this technique in combat.

The Spinner is a rather small creature. It's larger than a Pupae, but only by a small margin. What makes the Spinner the bigger threat is its ability to lob balls of acid from the tip of its tail. These projectiles (and their trajectory) are very similar to the Slith's projectiles, and they're almost as dangerous. Their bite also packs quite a punch, dealing 20 damage.

It attacks the player by shooting large globs of acid at the player through its abdomen. In close range combat, it resorts to using its front legs for clawing.

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  • Spinners make a loud hissing sound when approached by danger, which gives them away.
  • Their acid, though powerful, also moves very slow, making it very easy to dodge.
  • When fighting one or more Spinners, regular strafing will be enough to avoid the acid.
  • Still, to play it safe, one may want to use a Flak Cannon to dispose of the groups quickly, though their health is low enough to use low- to mid-range weapons.
  • When it's using its melee attack, it can be taken down by simply walking backwards and shooting it with the Automag, similar to the Pupae or Fly.
  • It doesn't take much to kill a Spinner; it can be killed by 2 to 3 ASMD shots.

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