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Unreal takes place on an alien-inhabitated planet, named Na Pali, home to a peaceful alien race, named Nali. The player's prison Transport crashlands on the planet, leaving all other crew dead and the player himself severly injured. The player finds many medical items and supplies, he manages to also find a weapon, the Dispersion Pistol. He exits the ship, and overlooks the planet's beautiful surface. He finds Ammo, Weapons, and Supplies scattered around. He reads translator logs of some so-called enslaving race called the Skaarj, after fighting through Canyons, Valleys, Base Complexes, Castles, and even another crashed ship, he finds the source of the Skaarj's landing on Na Pali. A Skaarj Mothership, he fights through the Ship's Labs and decks, and finds the mother of the Skaarj, the Skaarj Queen. He kills the Queen, and finds an escape pod, the only way to get off this hellish planet. The Escape pod manages to exit the planet's atomosphere, but runs out of fuel. The player drifts hopelessly in hopes of being found.

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