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The TC-1200 is a vehicle found in UT2004's game files. Though unused in the game, TC-1200 is summonable by typing:

summon OnslaughtFull.ONSGenericSD

The end result is a TC-1200 where you are. Though the vehicle may crush you, (reducing the usefulness) it is usable as a full-alledged vehicle inside the Vehicle Arena Mutator if you complete campaign as Mr. Crow. It is unarmed, barely offers protection, and is about the same speed as a Hellbender. However, it is useful online as the sheer visuals of the vehicle will make some underestimate the above-par manslaughter rate because of the small turning radius and surprising weight.


  • Getting out of the TC-1200 has a toilet flush sound.
  • If you say something while in a TC-1200, it says for your position is "Indeposed."
  • The TC-1200 has the sharpest turning radius in the game.

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