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The TCA Atlantis, designation TCA-AT07, was a Terran Colonial Authority spaceship created by the Uxan Corporation. It is capable of landing, but comes equipped with a single person drop ship which is generally used for planet-side missions.

During the time period of Unreal II: The Awakening, the Atlantis was crewed by Marshall John Dalton, Aida, Isaak, and Ne'Ban. Its crew followed orders directly from Sector Commander Hawkins on Avalon.

The ship appears in the intermission segments of the game. In it, Dalton can interact with his three crewmates and learning the whereabouts of each of them and the planets they visit, until the Avalon mission.

In that mission, the Skaarj are raiding the TCA Headquarters on Avalon. Meanwhile, the ship was being attacked and ended up destroyed by a space blast made by the TCA under orders of Hawkins, who made it look like a Skaarj attack. In the process, the blast also took the lives of Aida, Isaak and Ne'Ban. Dalton only learnt of this by way of an audio sent by Aida. He could only heard the first half of it aboard the Dorian Gray spaceship, but it was enough to give him the determination to kill Hawkins and send the spaceship into the sun. He heard the second half aboard the escape pod.

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