Tarydium in Unreal

Tarydium is a blue crystal-like element that is mostly used for weapons-producing and for power sources. It has been mined by several corporations, most notably Liandri. It can be found on planets such as Na Pali, Zeus 6 and Taryd; the latter of which was a planet enriched in this mineral.



The symbol found on Tarydium barrels

Many of the applications of this mineral was in weapons development. The Stinger, which was originally a mining tool, was capable of firing Tarydium Shards either as rapid fire projectiles or a spread shot similar to a shotgun. There is also a variant used in the Unreal Championship which shoot semi-sentient shards that give the weapon a limited homing capability. There is also a minigun variant used in the Second Unreal Chamionship which uses Tarydium Shards as well.

The GES Bio Rifle makes use of an unstable toxic green slime called GES, which is a by-product of the Tarydium refining process.


In Unreal. the prison vessel Vortex Rikers was originally supposed to travel to a prison moon but got caught in the gravitational pull of the planet Na Pali. The Tarydium affected their communications and made it so no distress signals could leave the planet. The same happened three months prior with the ISV-Kran. At the same time, the agressive alien race known as Skaarj had invaded this planet while enslaving the local Nali population to mine the Tarydium in the Rrajigar Mine.


  • In Unreal Tournament, the symbol used for Tarydium is re-used as the symbol of the red team.

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