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Taye is a character in the Unreal series.

Bio Edit

Taye is one of the few selectable player characters found in Unreal Tournament 4. He also appears in Unreal Tournament 2004 as the twin brother of Othello.


Taye's ' character card

Name: Taye
Race: Human

"Othello's twin brother, Taye's superior combat abilities were evident at an early age, and he was trained to become a member of the elite ThunderCrash force from the age of nine."

Ever since they were nine, Taye and Othello trained to become a part of the elite force known as Thunder Crash to participate in the Grand Tournament.


Ever since he was nine, Taye wanted to take part in the Grand Liandri Tournament and has taken much time to prepare. To do so he worked as a marine, security guard, and competitor. He joined the NEG Marines and toured with them two times. As a marine, he was sent on a mission to Na Pali to recover important NEG assets while fighting against the Necris. He later became a security guard and worked for Outland Security Forces for sometime before leaving Outpost 23. Most notably, he worked alongside Malcolm as a member of Thunder Crash. He also participated in FFS for two seasons. He is now currently participating as one of the many competitors found in the tournament.[1]

Physical Appearance Edit


Taye has the same appearance as Othello.


In UT4, Taye is bald, dark-skinned, and has brown eyes. Depending on what outfit he is wearing, he can sport a French cut.

Clothing Edit

Taye wears neon-green armour and standard camouflage gear. However, like the other characters he has other outfits. For his Swamp Rat Kit, he sports a darker and camouflage version of his Thunder Crash outfit. His urban assault armour has an inverted colour scheme and looks worn out. For his security armour, it appears to be white and he wears grey trousers.

Gear Edit

For his outfits, he wears an ammo belt and has a few straps. Like most competitors, his gear is standard fare. He uses whatever weapons he can find on the battlefield. Like any other character, a player can customize his appearance with a variety of hats and some eyewear too.

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