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The Corrupt concept-art

Concept art of The Corrupt in Unreal Tournement 3

For the company that have founded the team, see the Liandri Corporation

The Liandri are an intelligent Robot faction. Their superior intelligence and obvious strength makes them more than capable then fending for their selves. Led by Matrix, either an artificial droid, or highly enhanced Human. They are modified mining droids that were developed by the Liandri Corporation.

UT99 Edit

The Corrupt is a cybernetic team introduced in UT99, though not represented as a proper team in the game. Led by the Tournament champion Xan, the members are highly efficient reprogrammed humanoid droids. They are often referred to as "War Machines" due to their lethal performance in the tournaments.

  • Members: Xan, Matrix, Vector, Tensor, Cathode, Divisor, Lilith, Fury
  • Classification: Cybernetic Warriors.

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