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Titans are huge semi-sentient creatures that are indigenous to Na Pali. The basic Titan is a mixture of brown-orange and grey-white with red eyes. It is ten meters in height, it weighs from 15-16 tons and can be usually found in rocky areas. The Titan is aggressive to other lifeforms due to their sheer size and mass. There also exists a rarer species known as the Stone Titan, which has grey skin and a greater endurance to weapon fire. Titans are one of the deadliest enemies in the game, and due to their great mass, they should be defeated quickly.

The Titan is first found in the Dark Arena, serving the first boss in the game.

Combat Edit

The Titan has four main attack types:

  • It throws a large boulder(s) at its opponent.
  • It smacks its opponent at close range.
  • It punches its opponent at close range.
  • It stomps on the ground, knocking its opponent into the air.

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Trivia Edit

  • One translator message describes the Titan as somewhat dinosaur-like, and apparently, the Titans have a tendency to bang on and shake spaceships.

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