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The Tosc were a violent and dangerous race of ancient warriors whose DNA was within the genes of the Kai, waiting to be returned to their true form by the unification of the Artifact pieces.


Long ago, in a time so ancient it is barely remembered, the Tosc had masters that they served with "weapons of awesome power," in the words of Commander Hawkins. When there were no more masters to serve, their scientists hid their DNA within the Kai, and "forged [the] Artifacts against the day they might once again be needed." The Kai lived on into the times when humans traveled amongst the stars, where they were found and given menial tasks to do, like cooking, all the while containing the potential to become Tosc.

When Sector Commander Hawkins, captain of the Dorian Gray, recovered all of the artifacts from the wreckage of the TCA Atlantis, he and his crew were able to decipher the glyphs on them. They told the story of the Tosc, and Hawkins decided he would wield the Tosc as a new weapon on behalf of Earth in mankind's war with the Skaarj. Hawkins believed that a test could be done, with one Kai in a containment chamber surrounded by John Dalton and a team of Marines in case something went wrong. The Kai transformed into a Tosc and immediately became hostile before being damaged and then killed by Dalton. The transformation was not isolated, however; all of the Kai on the Dorian Gray became rampaging Tosc, tearing up the ship from the inside. This prompted Hawkins to set a course for Star FG-708, knowing that destroying the ship was the only way to put the Tosc down. When John Dalton escaped aboard a one-man escape pod, he watched as the ship headed toward the star, eventually exploding. The Tosc onboard were all killed, and the Artifacts needed to create them destroyed.


The Tosc are massive and powerful beings, naturally armored against immense amounts of damage. The entire range of small arms featured in Unreal II is barely able to do anything against them; only the Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher seem to have much effect.

The Tosc do not pick up and carry weapons the way humans do. Instead, their devastating weapon, the Singularity Cannon, is naturally part of their body, an extension of their right arm. Firing the Cannon does not inflict damage in the way bullets, grenades or rockets do. Instead, the Singularity Cannon generates a miniature black hole, somehow projecting it towards a target. It pulls items and persons near enough to the path of the round towards and even into it, before terminating.

The Singularity Cannon does not actually *kill* its target the way a Rocket Launcher does, where remains are in some way left behind. Instead, it transports its target somwhere else. The Singularity Cannon is even able the hull of a military space vessel, as Marines aboard the Dorian Gray at one point are heard shouting, "Don't let it fire at the hull!" "If it busts a hole in the ship, we're dead!" This fear is proven true at a point when a Singularity Cannon shot hits the ship's hull and the shipboard VI announces a hull breach, and closes bulkheads leadng to that area.

The Tosc are green and gray-brown in color, standing on multiple legs. They do not appear to have eyes in the way humans do, but either have them or are aware of their surroundings another way. When a limb is severed, the Tosc appear to "bleed" a bright green fluid. Their height is unknown, but they tower over even a Heavy Marine, whose armor makes him over six feet tall. Their weight is also unknown, but it is enough to make the ground or deck shake each time their legs set down.