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The Translocator was a device originally used as a personal teleportation before also becoming a weapon in the Unreal Tournament series.

Overview Edit

It can be used to gain access to weapons that would otherwise be unaccessable. Teleporting while in possession of the flag is impossible, when a player attempts to teleport with the flag it is dropped at the location from where the teleport was initated form.

Unreal Tournament Edit

"The Translocator is a portable teleporter. It functions as a weapon, a defensive device and a mode of movement.

The Translocator consists of two parts, a source module and a destination module. Throw the destination module with the primary fire button; then press the secondary fire button to instantly teleport to the spot where the destination module landed.

If you throw the destination module close enough to an enemy and then teleport there, you can "telefrag" your opponent, killing him and getting his weapon. This requires some skill to accomplish, but is extremely gratifying to pull off and results in an instant kill.

In Capture the Flag games, translocating while holding the flag will cause you to drop the flag."
- UT manual

Personal Teleportation Device
Primary Fire
Launches the destination module. Throw the module to the location you would like to teleport to.
Secondary Fire
Activates the Translocator and teleports the user to the destination module.
Throw your destination module at another player and then activate the secondary fire, and you will telefrag your opponent! If you press your primary fire button while activating your Translocator with secondary fire, the last weapon you had selected will automatically return once you have translocated.

Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Edit

"The Translocator was originally designed by Liandri Corporation’s R&D sector to facilitate the rapid recall of miners during tunnel collapses and other emergencies. The technology has saved countless lives, but not without cost. Rapid deresolution and reconstitution of the subject organism can have several unwelcome effects, including increases in aggression and paranoia, as well as increased probabilities of respiratory and cardiac arrest. Artifacts of synaptic disruption accumulate in the biological snapshot of the individual, leading to Teleportation Related Dementia (TReDs), an incurable disease that has stricken some of our greatest champions. In order to prolong the careers of today’s contenders, limits have been placed on Translocator use in the lower-ranked leagues. This was deemed necessary to prevent new recruits from becoming too reliant on the device, thereby sealing their own doom. The latest iteration of the Translocator features a remotely operated camera, exceptionally useful when scouting out areas of contention. It should be noted that while viewing the camera’s surveillance output, the user is effectively blind to his immediate surroundings."
- UT2004 weapon description

The Translocator on Unreal Tournament 2003 was slightly changed from the UT version. It now has 5 destination modules that slowly regenerates, making the Translocator slower for the recharge rate. The destination module only drains when you teleport, not if you return it with the primary fire again or pick it up. In addition the Translocator now has an internal camera that is activated by pressing the translocator key again, usually Q. This allows you to see what is happening in the place you are going to teleport to or for scouting without being detected. When using the camera, though, you are a sitting duck and can be easily taken down in open areas. If the destination module is hit with weaponry, it becomes corrupt and using both teleport and return module function will cause a telefrag on the Translocator user. With the internal camera, though, it is possible to see if the module is broken or not. The only safe way to use the Translocator again without dying is to pick up the module by hand.

The Translocator in UT2004 is nearly the same as in UT2003, the only differences being that the model is different and that it has gained one more charge.

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

"The Translocator was originally designed by Liandri R&D for rapid rescue of expensive mining equipment during tunnel collapses and related emergencies. The technology also saved countless lives, but not without cost; rapid deresolution and reconstitution led to synaptic disruptions, and the debilitating symptoms like Teleportation Related Dementia (TReDs). Today, after years of lucrative military development contracts, portable teleportation technology has been declared "sufficiently safe" for regular use by front-line infantry."
- Weapon description

The translocator functions more or less identically as ever. Of note are the again-increased amount of pucks (7 charges now, refreshes at about 1 charge per second) and the again-tweaked trajectory - it flies lower and faster than UT2004, but not quite as far as UT.

Unreal Tournament 4 Edit

Tips and tricks Edit

  • To execute a kill you must teleport on top of an enemy.

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