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The UMS Rocket Launcher, also called simply Rocket Launcher (as to avoid confusion with the Eightball Gun), is a weapon appearing only on Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali.

Overview Edit

Primary Fire
Unguided rocket projectile.
Secondary Fire
Guided by moving/aiming crosshairs.

Originally mounted on UMS fighter ships, this Rocket Launcher can deal an incredible amount of damage on any lifeform, dealing much more damage than the Eightball's rockets. The rockets themselves explode with a very large radius, getting smaller as the difficulty gets higher.

The additional ammunition for this weapon is never officially named. In the code it is named simply as RLAmmo (Rocket Launcher Ammo), and when picked up, it simply says "You got 10 rockets". It is believed that the most precise name for it would simply be "Rocket Pack". As the Rocket Launcher of Return to Na Pali is very powerful, Rocket Packs are very useful. They are found in UMS drop boxes throughout the mission. They appear to be light-weight as the total ammo capacity of the Rocket Launcher is 100, so it takes even 10 Rocket Packs to fill the Rocket Launcher with ammo. As the rockets generally hit more than the Eightballs, Rocket Packs are as valuable as cans of Eightballs. Rocket Packs are found a lot less frequently. They are not animated, but have the words "AIM AWAY FROM FACE" written on them.

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