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Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict is a first-/third-person shooter video game in the Unreal series of games. It was developed by Epic Games and published by Midway Games for release on the Xbox game console as a direct sequel to the 2002 game Unreal Championship, which itself is an Xbox port of Unreal Tournament 2003. Unreal Championship 2, much more than its predecessor, is designed from the ground up for the Xbox console and takes full advantage of the Xbox Live gaming arena. The game is backwards compatible on the Xbox 360[2].This game also contains a steel-book edition that is hard to find.


Unreal Championship 2 features 14 different characters from the Unreal universe, plus extra characters released in a bonus pack via Xbox Live. Other additions include the new gametypes Overdose and Nali Slaughter, new weapons including melee weapons, and more adrenaline combos than in previous games.


The game's use of third-person perspective when using a melee weapon affords the player greater control in combat.Unreal Championship 2 attempts to combine the genres of first-person shooter with third-person fighting games like Soul Calibur. To aid in this attempt at combined gameplay, the Thunder God Raiden from the popular fighting game series Mortal Kombat is available as a secret character.

Players can use melee weapons only in third-person mode, but can switch between first- and third-person mode on the fly while using firearms.

Before a multiplayer game starts, the host can change gravity, regenerate health, and otherwise modify gameplay with "mutators" as is common in the rest of the series. The game also features, in addition to the classic multiplayer, a single player system.

Adrenaline AbilitiesEdit

Adrenaline can boost a players abilities to superhuman levels. The players current Adrenaline level appears as a series of blue bars in the upper left of the H.U.D., and depletes with use. Each player has six abilities, two of which are shared among all players (speed and nimble).

  • Berserk: Rage makes you tougher, fire faster, do more damage, and helps you see enemies.
  • Blade Burst: Deadly orbiting blades injure nearby enemies.
  • Blade Shield: A shield of blades reduces explosive damage.
  • Cannibalize: Construct ammunition from your robot body.
  • Concussion: Dazes and disorients your enemies.
  • Discharge: Creates a charge which arcs to a nearby foe.
  • Earthquake: Mangles your enemies with every step.
  • EMP: Electromagnetic pulse that detonates most projectiles.
  • Energy Burst: Deadly eruption of energy injures nearby opponents.
  • Energy Shield: A shield that reduces energy damage.
  • Ethereal: Enemies see you slightly out of position.
  • Fear: Stop an enemy from using adrenaline.
  • Flash: Blinds nearby enemies for a few precious moments.
  • Head Turret: Activates visor-mounted automated defenses.
  • Heal: Partially recover from your injuries.
  • Homing: Makes your projectiles home in on your target.
  • Ice Burst: Nearby enemies are frozen solid.
  • Iron Spirit: Encases your body in solid armor.
  • Nimble: Increases agility and reduces effects of gravity.
  • Poison Cloud: Blights enemies with a debilitating toxin.
  • Predator: Boosts speed and damage for your blades and helps you spot enemies.
  • Primal Scream: Stop nearby enemies from using adrenaline.
  • Radar: Activates threat detection software.
  • Regenerate: Slowly increases your health.
  • Repulse: Magnetic field pushes away projectiles.
  • Self-Destruct: Overheat your core, causing massive meltdown.
  • Sentinel: Launches allies that fire upon nearby enemies.
  • Siphon: Nanoblack cloud that drains enemy health.
  • Smash: Pound the ground and people get hurt.
  • Speed: Additional burst of speed.
  • Stun Trap: Creates an electronic trap to sun an enemy.
  • Teleport: Instantly transports you across the arena.
  • Unstoppable: Makes you invulnerable, but you slowly lose health.
  • Upgrade: Summons robots to repair your chassis.
  • Vampire: Heal yourself by damaging enemies.
  • Vampire Cloud: Nanoblack cloud that drains enemies health.
  • Warrior Spirit: increases firing rate and speed and helps you spot enemies.
  • Wraith: Become a ghost, barely affected by enemies, that detects enemy life force.

With cut scenes, story-specific missions, and tournament ladders for each character in the game.

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