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"From the wind swept barrens, from their breathtaking ocean cities, they come. Brave warriors gathering forth in Noble Tradition, battling for Ascension. The greatest among them will be crowned Emperor. Today, with the sponsorship of the Liandri corporation. this tournament enters the twenty fourth century. Welcome to a perfect combination of Ancient Tradition, and high-tech bloodsport. Welcome to the Ascension Rites."
- Intro video

The story of the 523rd Nakhti Ascension Rites is told in Unreal Championship 2. For the first time the Ascension Rites are sponsored by the Liandri Mining Corporation, who use them as a qualifying tournament for their Liandri Grand Tournament by allowing outsiders to participate in the earlier tournaments.

Unknown to the public, the Liandri have an ulterior motive; by entering their puppet Selket, a powerful Nakhti fighter, they want to be able to control the Nakhti people. Anubis, member of the Nakhti Imperial Legion and former suitor of Selket, realises this and signs up for the Ascension Rites to stop her. Both Selket and Anubus fight their way through the tournaments and are finally pitted against each other in the final round, which is traditionally played with the respawning technology turned off.

Anubis manages to kill Selket and win the emperor's scepter, but grieves it has come to this. The Liandri realised this could happen as soon as Anubis entered the Ascension Rites and had already formed a contingency plan. They offer Anubis to bring back Selket as a Necris by paying the Phayder Corporation an insane amount of money even the Nakhti emperor wouldn't have access to. Anubis accepts the offer but is forced to fight in the Liandri Grand Tournament against his wish.

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Level list Edit

Match Gametype Limits Rivals Other notes
Basic Training Training Sco: 0
Time: 0
Road to the Capitol Training Sco: 0
Time: 0
Tournament Training Training Sco: 0
Time: 0
Combat Training Deathmatch Frg: 5
Time: 10
Eternal Vigilance Deathmatch Frg: 7
Time: 10
Remnants of the Past Deathmatch Frg: 7
Time: 10
Three Way Deathmatch Frg: 15
Time: 10
Win to unlock Hyena as a bot and the InstaGib mutator.
Team Deathmatch Team Deathmatch Frg: 20
Time: 15
Mutator(s): Quad Jump
Teammate(s): Sobek
Win to unlock the Quad Jump mutator.
Lambs to the Slaughter Nali Slaughter Sco: 50
Time: 10
Capture the Flag Capture The Flag Sco: 3
Time: 15
Teammate(s): Sobek, Raptor
Overdose Overdose Sco: 30
Time: 15
Test of Stamina Team Deathmatch Frg: 5
Time: 5
Torgr Mutator(s): Rounds (Best of 3)
Win to unlock the Rounds (Best of 3) mutator.
A Moment's Reprieve Training Sco: 0
Time: 0
Upgrade Capture The Flag Sco: 5
Time: 15
Ini: 0-2.
Teammate(s): Sobek
Win to unlock Devastation and her ladder.
Quarter-Final Deathmatch Frg: 20
Time: 15
You need to finish as top-3 in order to advance.
Semi-Final Deathmatch Frg: 10
Time: 12
Apophis Win to unlock Apophis as a bot.
Finals Deathmatch Frg: 13
Time: 0
Selket Win to unlock both Selket and Anubis, and their ladders.

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