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These are a series of challenges found in Unreal Championship 2's Single-player mode. Each features a different character, with a few getting second matches. Almost all of them are non-canonical. Complete all of these challenges to unlock Raiden.

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Match Gametype Limits Rivals Other notes
Out of Time Nali Slaughter Sco: 30
Time: 2
Ini: 0-15.
Corrosion Mutator(s): Timer Displayed
Player: Lauren
Clan War Team Deathmatch Frg: 15
Time: 10
Ini: 0-7.
Kraag, Korig Teammate(s): Szalor
Player: Torgr
Tortoise vs. Hare Capture The Flag Sco: 3
Time: 10
Ini: 0-2.
Lauren, Sapphire, Selket Teammate(s): Raptor, Szalor
Player: Gorge
Thunder Crash Team Deathmatch Frg: 20
Time: 10
Malcolm, Brock, Lauren Player: Devastation
Unreal Kombat Team Deathmatch Frg: 15
Time: 10
Malcolm, Raiden Player: Anubis
Footrace Capture The Flag Sco: 5
Time: 0
Ini: 4-4.
Syzygy, Sobek, Corrosion, Kraag Mutator(s): No Adrenaline
Player: Selket
Catfight Overdose Sco: 30
Time: 10
Ini: 10-7-5-0(*).
Selket, Devastation, Lauren Player: Sapphire
Initial score: Selk: 10 - Deva: 7 - Laur: 5 - Sapp: 0.
Sharpshooter Team Deathmatch Frg: 20
Time: 10
Ini: 0-10.
Devastation (x3) Player: Anubis
Unlocks the Instagib mutator.
Day of the Vampire Team Deathmatch Frg: 30
Time: 10
Szalor, Arclite Mutator(s): Vampire
Teammate(s): Brock
Player: Lauren
Unlocks the Vampire mutator.
Maelstrom Capture The Flag Sco: 3
Time: 10
Ini: 0-1.
Raiden (x2) Teammate(s): Devastation
Player: Raptor
Graduation Deathmatch Frg: 15
Time: 10
Ini: 0-8.
Anubis Player: Sobek
Unlocks the No Lock and Retribution mutators.
Grader Match Deathmatch Frg: 10
Time: 10
Apophis Player: Sobek
Skaarj vs. Nakhti Capture The Flag Sco: 3
Time: 10
Anubis, Selket, Sobek Teammate(s): Torgr
Player: Szalor
Taking Flight Deathmatch Frg: 15
Time: 10
Lilith, Lauren Player: Sapphire
Unlocks the LowGrav, LowGravAll and Quad Jump mutators.
Day of the Dead Team Deathmatch Frg: 15
Time: 10
Ini: 0-5.
Lauren, Brock, Lilith, Judas Player: Malcolm
Malfunction Capture The Flag Sco: 3
Time: 10
Ini: 0-1.
Raptor, Devastation, Lauren, Brock, Syzygy Player: Malcolm
Unlock the Friendly Fire Damage, Looting, Radioactive, Random Pickup Respawn and Volatile mutators.
Unreal Kombat 2 Team Deathmatch Frg: 15
Time: 10
Malcolm, Anubis Player: Raiden
Unlocks Raiden and his ladder.

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