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Unreal Tournament 2003 or UT2003 is a first-person shooter video game designed mainly for multiplayer gaming. The game is part of the Unreal franchise's series of games, and is a sequel to Unreal Tournament (UT99).

Overview Edit

The game set a record for the number of downloads (1.2 million) when the demo was released, which is a reflection of the popularity of the original UT.[1] In addition, the game engine has been widely licensed for games such as the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series, Splinter Cell, and America's Army.

UT2003 has received mostly disappointing reviews, because it did not have the impact that its 1999 predecessor had. One reason was increased competition, with Halo: Combat Evolved, Tribes 2, and Battlefield 1942. These games had raised the bar for the multiplayer first-person shooter gaming by including vehicles and more complex teamplay.

UT2003 contains several Easter eggs (e.g. a hidden vehicle) to hint at future potential for the series. Unreal Tournament 2004, the similar but highly refined sequel with added game types, arrived in 2004 and completely replaced UT2003 on store shelves. UT2004 boxes sold in the United States include a voucher that, along with proof of having bought UT2003, gives a discount for UT2004.

Unreal II: The Awakening was released as a sister product to the game.


Main article: Unreal Tournament 2003 Single player

Like Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament 2004, the game features a Ladder mode where you draft your team and then rise up in the ladder until you become the champion.

Aside from this mode, UT2003 features eight gamemodes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Double Domination, Bombing Run, Last Man Standing, Invasion and Mutant. The last three modes are added with the Epic Bonus Pack. With the exception of BR, CTF and DDOM, the rest of the modes use the Deathmatch set of maps.

Bombing Run maps for Unreal Tournament 2003
Bonus Packs: BR-CanyonBR-DE-ElecFields
Capture The Flag maps for Unreal Tournament 2003
Bonus Packs: CTF-AvarisCTF-DE-ElecFieldsCTF-DE-LavaGiant2CTF-DoubleDammage
Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 2003
Bonus Packs: DM-1on1-CrashDM-1on1-MixerDM-DE-GrendelKeepDM-DE-Osiris2DM-IcetombDM-InjectorDM-IronDeityDM-Rustatorium
Double Domination maps for Unreal Tournament 2003
Bonus Packs:: DOM-Junkyard


In 2291, consensual murder is legalized, opening the way for a previously underground event. Smaller mining companies have been running smaller matches to channel aggression, but now the Liandri Mining Corporation established a professional league, which quickly proves to be an extremely lucrative way of public entertainment. Liandri entered into the Tournament, as it is officially called, sponsoring their own team, the Corrupt. The Corrupt's leader, Xan Kriegor, quickly achieved champion status and held it for two years. In 2293, a human named Malcolm dethroned him and became champion himself. A huge media figure, Malcolm is hailed as the biggest star in human history and is worshiped as a god. His success nets great rewards for his sponsoring corporation, attracting the attention of jealous rivals both in the arenas of the Tournament and in the corridors of power a galaxy away. Liandri attempted to win back the champion title with Xan MK2 but failed (unknown to the other contestants, each member of the Corrupt is purely robotic, including Xan).

Now it is 2302. The Tournament is undergoing a massive overhaul. The aging Sniper Rifle (a relic of centuries past) is removed from the Tournament as is "Assault" - a team-based event that forms a part of the competition. Many fans of the Tournament complain at these changes, with some combatants refusing to participate in the new format. Malcolm, shortly after his victory, hired two of his former opponents (Brock and Lauren, members of the former Iron Guard team) as teammates in his reformed Thunder Crash team. But the Axon Research Corporation, another of the four great corporations, entered the Tournament as well, sponsoring the geneboosted Juggernaut team, led by the brutal and savage Gorge.

Music Edit

The UT2003 soundtrack, created by the Canadian producer Starsky Partridge and Kevin Riepl contains grand orchestral scores, hard rock and minimalistic electronic songs. Starsky Partridge was also responsible for the music for Unreal II, and Unreal Championship.

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