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Unreal Tournament 2004, also known as UT2K4 and UT2004, is the sixth installment in the Unreal series and the third installment in the Unreal Tournament series. It was developed by Epic Games and Digital Extremes, and was released on March 16, 2004 in North America.

Overview Edit

Among significant changes to gameplay mechanics and visual presentation, one of the major additions introduced by Unreal Tournament 2004 is the inclusion of vehicles and the Onslaught game type, allowing for large-scale battles.

The game features all or most of the content of its predecessor, replacing it on the shop shelves. Unreal Tournament 2004 boxes sold in the United States include a $10 mail-in rebate requiring that a short form be completed and sent to the publisher along with a copy of the manual cover for Unreal Tournament 2003. Versions sold in the United Kingdom had a similar offer, but required sending in the play CD for Unreal Tournament 2003 instead.

Its successor, Unreal Tournament 3, was released on November 19, 2007.


UT2004 was built with Unreal Engine 2.5 and the content of its predecessor, UT2003. It addressed many of 2003's shortcomings, including almost doubling the amount of content available.[5]

The game was developed by multiple studios, with Epic Games leading the project. Lead programmer Steve Polge described the role of each company involved:[6][unreliable source?]

Epic Games
Enhancements to the Unreal Tournament 2003 game types, the new UI, Voice over IP and bot voice command support, engine enhancements and optimizations. They also made an improved single player game, and improved community and demo recording support, in addition to thirty-one new playable characters. A Sniper Rifle similar to the one included in the original Unreal Tournament was added. They created one Onslaught map, and developed AI support for Onslaught. 16 new DM maps, 5 new CTF Maps, 2 new Double Domination maps and 1 new Bombing Run map were added. The Assault gametype design and implementation were also reintroduced from the original Unreal Tournament.
The Onslaught gametype design and implementation, with 6 new vehicles, 4 new weapons (Grenade Launcher, Spider Mine Layer, Anti-Vehicular Rocket Launcher (AVRiL), and the Phoenix target painter), and the Energy Turret. They also created seven Onslaught maps, and collaborated with Streamline Studios on the popular map ONS-Torlan. Finally, they made the new model for the Translocator.
Digital Extremes
3 new DM maps, 6 new CTF maps, 2 new Bombing Run maps, and 3 new Double Domination maps, 2 new playable characters, the new HUD design; new weapon models for the Assault Rifle, Shock Rifle, and Link Gun.
The single player introduction movie and ONS-Torlan in collaboration with Psyonix. Streamline later created Assault map AS-Confexia, which they released for free.
Streamline Studios

Unreal Tournament 2004 was the first closed source game to support the new x86-64-bit extension, utilizing Linux, as Windows for x86-64 had not been released at the time.[citation needed]

Release historyEdit

Unreal Tournament 2004[1] running on LinuxOn February 11, 2004 a playable demo was released for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux on x86-32 (February 13, 2004) and Linux on x86-64 (February 15, 2004). An updated demo version, including all the bugfixes from official patches and some original content, was released on September 23, 2004.

Unreal Tournament 2004 was released on March 16, 2004 for the PC (Linux x86-32/x86-64 and Windows), the Mac OS X version (DVD only) followed on March 31, 2004. The version for Windows x86-64 was released as a downloadable patch on October 1, 2005. At release consumers could purchase the game on CD, or a limited-time special edition DVD version that came with a Logitech microphone-headset and a second DVD filled with video-tutorials on how to use the included UnrealEd. A single DVD version with neither microphone nor tutorials was also released in Europe. The CD version of the game came on six discs. On April 13, 2004, Unreal Tournament 2004 was re-released as a special edition DVD.

In summer 2004, Epic and Atari, in collaboration, released an XP Levels downloadable mappack, which included two new Onslaught maps, ONS-Ascendancy and ONS-Aridoom.[7] The pack is free for download and use on any system capable of running the game.

On September 21, 2004, Atari released in stores the "Editor's Choice Edition" of Unreal Tournament 2004 which adds 3 vehicles, 4 Onslaught maps, and 6 character skins to the original game, and also contains several mods developed by the community as selected by Epic Games. This extension (excluding mods) was released as a Bonus Pack by Atari on September 23, 2004, and is available for free download.

In December 2005, the Mega Bonus Pack was released online by Epic games, which included several new maps, along with the latest patch and the Editor's Choice Edition content.

In November 2006 Unreal Anthology was released which bundles Unreal Gold, Unreal II: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament (Game of the Year edition), and Unreal Tournament 2004. On March 17, 2008 the game was released standalone and as part of the Unreal Deal Pack on Valve's digital distribution service Steam, followed later in the year by the 'Editors Choice Edition'[8] on


Unreal Tournament 2004 was greeted with positive reviews and community reaction, with critics citing unique, fast-paced, fun and challenging nature of the game as the main selling points, while fans touted the post-release support and extensive modding capabilities. The game holds a 93/100 score on Metacritic ("Universal acclaim").[9]

The game also received awards for Multiplayer Game of the Year (IGN, Gamespy, Computer Gaming World) and Best Value for 2004 award (Computer Games Magazine).



There are many vehicles available in Unreal Tournament 2004. Most of them make an appearance in the Onslaught game type, while a few feature in Assault. The full set consist of aircraft types and land vehicles.[10] There are also two spacecrafts which only officially feature in three Assault maps (Mothership, Jumpship and Acatana), and different types of gun turrets which players can take control of.


Main article: Unreal Tournament 2004 Single player

UT2004 features every gametype already present in UT2003: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Double Domination, Capture The Flag, Bombing Run, Invasion, Last Man Standing and Mutant, plus four new gametypes: Onslaught, Assault, Vehicle CTF and Instagib CTF. Vehicle CTF has no official maps, though fan-made maps can be dropped and the gametype will appear. ICTF was introduced later in a patch.

CTF and ICTF share the CTF mappool. ONS, AS, BR and DDOM have their own set of maps each. The rest of the gametypes use the Deathmatch set of maps.

Assault maps for Unreal Tournament 2004
Bonus Packs: AS-BP2-AcatanaAS-BP2-JumpshipAS-BP2-OutbackAS-BP2-SubRosaAS-BP2-Thrust
Bombing Run maps for Unreal Tournament 2004
Capture The Flag maps for Unreal Tournament 2004
Bonus Packs: CTF-BP2-ConcentrateCTF-BP2-Pistola
Deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament 2004
Bonus Packs: DM-BP2-CalandrasDM-BP2-GoopGod
Double Domination maps for Unreal Tournament 2004
Onslaught maps for Unreal Tournament 2004
Bonus Packs: ONS-AdaraONS-AridoomONS-AscendancyONS-IcarusONS-IslandHopONS-TrickyONS-Urban


One of the most prominent additions to UT2004 is vehicles. They only appear in the Onslaught and Assault game modes.



Added in Mega PackEdit



The UT2004 arsenal contains the weapons from the past games. The weapon models and fire mode can be switched according to the player's preference.The crosshair shape, color and size can be customized for each weapon.



These weapons were not included inside of UT2003, but make their first appearance in UT2004.


UT2004 features an advanced profile, which can record the achievents a player has made during the match. This includes the total number of kills, deaths, goals scored and special achievements. At the end of the game, the player will receive an additional amount of credits for your achievments in the match.

By fast fragging: These are achieved by killing as many bots as possible, at a fast pace. The reward level is reset, if the kill isn't made fast enough, or you get killed. Tuy can achieve any of these any number of times, depending on your gaming skill and style.

  • Double Kill: Kill two opponents in quick succession.
  • Multi Kill: Kill three opponents in quick succession.
  • Mega Kill: Kill four opponents in quick succession.
  • Ultra Kill: Kill five opponents in quick succession.
  • MONSTER KILL!!: Kill six opponents in quick succession.
  • LUDICROUS KILL!!: Kill seven opponents in quick succession.
  • HOLY SHIT!!!: Kill eight opponents in quick succession. (If Use Mature Language is set to off, then this will not appear.)

By fragging without getting killed in the middle: These are achieved by killing a certain number of enemy bots without yourself getting killed in the fragging process. The reward level is reset only if you get killed.

  • Killing Spree: Kill 5 opponents without dying.
  • Rampage: Kill 10 opponents without dying.
  • Dominating: Kill 15 opponents without dying.
  • Unstoppable: Kill 20 opponents without dying.
  • Godlike: Kill 25 opponents without dying.
  • WICKED SICK!!: Kill 30 opponents without dying.

By fragging method: These are achieved by fragging a specified number of targets- with specified weapons and with specified techniques. You can achieve each reward only once per match, even if you get killed.

  • COMBO WHORE: Kill 15 enemies with a Shock Combo.
  • FLAK MONKEY: Kill 15 enemies with Flak Cannon,
  • HEAD HUNTER: Kill 15 enemies with Head shots from Sniper Rifles or Lightning Guns.

By Goal Scoring: This can be achieved in Capture the Flag or Bombing Run. You can achieve this only once per match, even if you get killed.

  • HAT TRICK: Make 3 Flag captures or 3 bomb deliveries.


  • UT2004 has the most total weapons in any game in the UT line of games, with 17.
  • There is a bug that a player cannot have both a Target Painter and Ion Painter at the same time.
  • The box art features Skaarj bots as the highlighted character- Dominator for the standard installer pack and Mekkor for the Editor's Choice Edition or ECE bonus pack.
  • This game is the final PC release in the UT series, which features Unreal Engine 2.

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