Unreal Tournament 2004 (UT2004) Bot Config / Bot RosterEdit

The UT2004 Bot Roster / Bot Config  allows you to edit each team's bots to make it the way YOU want it to be.

Bot Rooster

UT2004 Bot Roster

Enable The Bot ConfigEdit

To enable the bot config, if you havent already, follow these instructions:

Step 1. Go to Instant Action (or Host Game but im not going to discuss that here).


Step 1

Step 2. Select your Gamemode and Map.

Step 2

Step 2, Select Gamemode

Step 3

Step 2, Select Map

Step 3. Select Mutators you desire + Edit Game Rules to your likings

Step 4

Step 3, Select Mutators

Step 4. Go to 'Game Rules' if you have not already.

Step 5. Click the box labeled 'Bot Mode' and a drop down menu should show.

Step 6. Click the option called 'Bot Roster' in the drop down menu.

Step 7. Thats it! The tab 'Bot Config shouldnt be shaded out!

Using Bot Config And HelpEdit

((Comming Soon!))

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