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    Hey all, I have some good news for the Unreal wiki that I'd like to share at this time.

    I have recently been able to activate the brand-new feature, which you may have seen on many communities around Wikia: the Discussions feature, which is a great way for the community to talk and discuss various topics about the wiki, games, or the Unreal series itself. It is regarded as an alternative to the Forums, though this feature is much more updated and easier to use.

    I hope the new feature will be put to good use, but with the new feature in place, the forum will not be of much use anymore. For the time being, the forums will stay functional, but after a while when the Discussions have completely taken over, I'll close down the forums.

    I hope to se…

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  • Ampager

    The has come a long way since its beginning 10 years ago today, September 4, 2007.

    What started out as a small database for information about the first Unreal game, has grown to become a massive wiki dedicated to the whole series. We wouldn't have gotten to be this big without each and every one of our wiki's editors. Take a look at the statistics: We have 12,000 edits, nearly 1,000 articles, and 1,100 images.

    Let's take a look at the brief history of the :

    In September 2007, the wiki is founded by MEOWMEPDellkat. Progress is slow for the first couple of months, but eventually, work starts to pick up.

    In 2008, basic information about Unreal is added to the wiki; it is still in its early stages at this point.

    2009 marked a large turning point in th…

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  • Ampager

    Hello all - now that it is August, it is now time to discuss what to do next, and review the timeline from a while back.

    Now, as other things have sprung up in my schedule other than contributing to the wiki, I've been on a considerably prolonged break recently, focusing on other matters outside of the wiki. And, evidently, it seems many of us have been short on contributions lately as well. It's perfectly fine to take a hiatus for as long as you would like, though - whether it be work, school, or spending time with friends and family, it's acceptable to fulfill whatever events are present at the time - and since it's during the time of the holiday months, a lot of those events probably take place for many people.

    The wiki doesn't have to be…

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  • Ampager

    Hey all, with the development of the wiki coming into full swing, I have come up with an idea to incorporate a goal system, where we, the community, set a “due date” of sorts in which we complete the tasks to be done around the wiki on or before a certain date – this is to keep progress going and to encourage active development and contribution, rather than slowed periods and/or stagnant progress toward the building (or, as you could say, “rebuilding”) of the Unreal Wiki. Here is an early draft in the works, which will be subject to many changes in the upcoming future – especially based on how efficient the contributions come along.

    • Mid-late June 2017 – All templates are finished and infoboxes + navigation boxes are included on most, if not…
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  • Ampager

    The 0.1.11 patch for Unreal Tournament was released today. Developers have continued to iterate on the new Blitz game mode. The release also includes improvements to the match start up process, including having bots participate in warm up to give players something to do while waiting for the match to start, and improvements to host controlled match starting (for Hub and LAN matches).

    Functional and balance updates have also been made to various weapons, including the Redeemer, Flak Cannon, Grenade Launcher, and Lightning Rifle. The spawn selection system for game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag have been revamped. Finally, support for the Win32 platform has veen discontinued, which had very low player counts …

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