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  • PumpkinKnight

    Phase 1 progress

    June 17, 2017 by PumpkinKnight

    Greetings! As discussed here, we are starting with the full and definitive organization of the Unreal Wiki in order to make it the greatest Unreal Wiki that has ever existed. Specifically, we're going to spend June finishing and implementing every template, infobox and navbox we need. Currently we have a list of already implemented templates in this page, separated by infoboxes, navboxes and other useful templates.

    The problem is that we cannot implement yet the DPL navboxes because they require that every page is categorized in the proper way, and this is only possible with the infoboxes. Right now, the navboxes are just placeholder link lists holding the pages we're supposed to have/create. Now, I get that not every page is really needed.…

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  • PumpkinKnight


    As you may have noticed, Wikia has given us new tools a long time ago. Among these tools there're the Portable infoboxes. They work the same as regular infoboxes, but have the advantage that they can be displayed in both PC and Mobile devices with no problems. So we have started adapting the almost 800 pages we have in the wiki, while giving the new pages the adequate coding. You can take a look at these templates at the Templates project page.

    Most of these templates are self-explanatory (and their explanations are short), but there are some things which need some extra explanation.

    First of all, multigame templates. These templates are meant to be used with characters, items, and the like, spanning through many games. The way the…

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