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The Necris Viper is a vehicle found in UT3.


Due to its fast speed, the Viper is good for getting places quickly. The viper's weapons bounce off walls, which means that they have better chance of killing enemies. Its thin structure means it has less of a chance of crashing into objects. The Viper can jump to places where no other ground vehicle can jump. The Viper can also Self - Destruct and safely eject the pilot after the destruction.


The viper's weapons sometimes bounce off walls, and hit your vehicle, causing damage. Even though its thin structure means it has less of a chance of crashing into objects, this also means that it has less chance of running over enemies. The Viper only has 200 HP, the lowest in the game, along with the Manta.


  • The Axon rival of the Viper is the Manta.
  • The Viper is the fastest ground vehicle in UT3.
  • The Viper is one of two vehicles that can Self-Destruct, the other being the Scorpion.

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