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Visse is a selectable player character found in Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 4.



Not much is known about her other than that she is a blademaiden. Like other Necris, she revels in destruction and takes sadistic pleasure in killing her enemies.


Visse was a former prisoner who chose Necrification as a punishment. As a result, it destroyed her memories and personality at the cost of her humanity. Now a Blademaiden of the Black Legion; she is a cruel, ruthless, agile, and efficient killer that will not relent and show any mercy to her opponents. Due to her agility and elusiveness, she has been called the Rabbit. [1]

Physical AppearanceEdit


In UT, she has black hair, pale white skin, and her eyes are entirely white.


In UT4, Visse is shown to have black to grey hair. Her eyes appear to be blue, however, the whites of her eyes are no longer white. Her lower jaw is entirely black and the rest of her body shows a grey complexion with veins protruding from her shoulders, forearms, and the sides of her stomach.



Visse wears simple black armour, gloves, and has combat boots.


Visse has 3 outfits. In her main one, she wears a partial chest plate which covers her abdomen and has two arms bands. She wears dark camouflage trousers, black thighpads, kneepads, and boots.


Like any other competitor, she wear an ammo belt and has a few straps. Like any other character, players can customize her headgear and eyewear. Like any competitor, she will use whatever weapons she comes across.


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