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"The Necris don't build new cities, they grow them out of, on top of, and often directly through existing architecture. The deepest sublevels of Old Absalom are dank and corrupted, held together only by the intricate network of infection tubes that pump nanoblack through the walls like a circulatory system."
- Map description

WAR-Floodgate (whose full name is Floodgate) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3.

Map description Edit

A map set in Necris territory, composed of a house in the middle, two houses near it holding both teams' bases, two outposts/barricades holding the Prime Nodes at their end and dividing the team houses and the Floodgate Node, and a house in front of the Floodgate Node holding the Central Node.

The Floodgate Node is where most of the fighting will take place. It acts as a Support Node, holding it will activate a countdown, after which the enemy Power Core, regardless if the owner team actually has a link to it, takes 20% of damage. In order to balance the area, vehicles cannot enter onto it, which makes every fight for the node an infantry battle.

Link setups Edit

  • [Regular]: A straight line that goes Blue Power Core -> Blue Prime Node -> Center Area -> Red Prime Node -> Red Power Core. The Floodgate Node acts as a Support node.

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