The Red team's power core in the map Downtown.

Warfare is a team based gametype mode in Unreal Tournament 3. It is similar to the gametype Onslaught from Unreal Tournament 2004.


The objective of Warfare is to link checkpoints called nodes and eventually destroy the enemy's power core. Once a node is captured, vehicles may be spawned to help the team advance in a match. Once a powercore is destroyed, a team may be awarded a certain amount of points. A team will be awarded two points if the powercore is destroyed before the time limit, one point in overtime.


Capturing NodesEdit

To capture a node, a teammate must touch the node. This can be done by simply walking over it. Once this is done, the node will slowly develop. The Link Gun's alt-fire will speed up the development. Once the node is complete, a link will be created to the next node. Also, dependent features become available such as vehicles, player spawns, orb spawns.

Destroying NodesEdit

To destroy a node, simply shoot it. The panels surrounding the node's center will fly off, and eventually the node will turn neutral. If a node is under attack or destroyed, the team that owned the node will not spawn. You cannot destroy a node if there is an enemy player carrying the orb near the node. If your team does not have a link to the enemy held node, you cannot destroy the node. The node will have shielding.

Support NodesEdit


Left to right: A spawner and teleporter, vehicle, and a support node in the map Avalanche.

Support nodes are common throughout warfare. They are the same as regular nodes, however, they can be created/destroyed at any time because they do not contain links to other nodes. They still contain spawners and vehicles.

Countdown NodesEdit

Countdown nodes are present in many warfare maps. Once a countdown node is captured, a countdown starting at 60 seconds will begin. If the team successfully defends the node for 60 seconds, they will be awarded. In most maps, the enemy teams power core will lose 20-25% of its health. Otherwise, the team will be rewarded with a vehicle, usually a Leviathan Also, if the countdown is complete, the node will be destroyed and will have to be re-captured.

Healing NodesEdit

To heal a node, simply use your Link Gun's alternate fire on either the base or top of the node. You will know the node is completely healed when the health bar under the node is full and your ammunition on the link gun stays the same when healing. However, you cannot heal your powercore!


A faster and easier way to get to nodes faster is by teleporting. To teleport, go to the nearest friendly controlled node or powercore and go to the special "portal". You may teleport to any other friendly controlled node or powercore, with a few exceptions. First, you cannot teleport to a friendly controlled node that is under attack. Also, if you are carrying the orb, it will be dropped when you teleport. Vehicles cannot teleport to other nodes; only a player can. However, a player is able to teleport into a friendly controlled Leviathan.


An orb is simply a tool that helps a team capture or defend a node. There is only one orb per team at one time. When it is destroyed, it will spawn at the nearest friendly controled node/powercore. When a player picks up an


Red teams orb in its spawner in the map Torlan.

orb, and takes it to a neutral or enemy held node, the node will instantly change to be devoloped to the players' team. This can be very useful if the team that captured the node was under attack at another node or powercore as recapturing the node will remove the link to the other node/power core. Orbs can also be used to defend nodes. To do this, simply walk near the node and there will be a "beam of energy" coming from the orb to the node. This will also heal the node if it has taken damage. The opposing team cannot attack a node that an orb near it.


  • When overtime starts, both teams powercores' will start to drain and lose power. The team that holds the most nodes, will last longer, because their core drains more slowly than the opposing team. If a team holds all nodes (including support and countdown), their powercore will not drain at all.
    • Unlike in UT2004, however, this cannot be turned off.
  • The first node that links with your powercore is usually called the Prime Node. The enemies Prime Node can never be shielded except by an orb. In other words, a team will never lose its link to the Prime Node.
  • After an orb has re-captured a node from the enemy, an enemy orb carrier cannot re-captured the same node for at least 10 seconds.
  • Turrets can be valuable vehicles to defend the node from attack.
  • If the map is small, the node will not load a spawner or teleporter.
  • In the map Downtown and Downtown Two Fronts, if the any core gets below 20% power, all the lights in the tall buildings around the city will go out. This does not include streetlights and traffic lights.
  • It is possible for both power cores to be under attack at the same time.
  • You may destroy an orb, however it will take 100 health to do so. Thus, most of the time, you will die doing it.
    • If you do die while destroying the orb, it will say "You decided to be a hero."
  • The best weapon to destroy a node with is a Flak Cannon or Rocket Launcher.
  • There are 21 Warfare maps, with 4 added with the Titan Pack DLC.
  • Many maps in UT3 have two versions: a regular edition and a "Necris" edition, which gives the blue team Necris vehicles.
    • Torlan has the most, with 5. They are Regular, Short, Double Prime, Classic, and Necris. Also, through hacking, there is a sixth, called "Krall."