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Xan, as he appears in UT99.

1717669-xanii super

Xan Mark 2, part of the official UT99 Bonus Pack 4 by Epic .

Xan Kriegor is a recurring character in the Unreal Tournament series.


Over the period of the Game, Xan is always an enemy. In UT, his exact origins are unknown, as his character bio says, and some speculate he is either a robot or the CEO of Liandri in a suit. Either way, he is merciless, and has his own armor picture and taunts, only shared with Xan II. Xan II, Also in UT, is unencounterable during the campaign and has very large amounts of visible circuitry. UT2004, Xan's last appearance, had Xan as one of the 3 unlockable characters, and shared the same body style as Axon.

Appearances Edit

Unreal Tournament (1st appearance)

UT2004 (latest appearance)


Accuracy: 97
Aggression: 63
Agility: 97
Tactics: 76
Favorite Weapon: None

Xan Kriegor is the team leader for the Godlike tier team, The Corrupt. One of the possible last bosses depending on how his team fairs in the finals of the Single-player game, the other possible bosses being Malcom and Clanlord.

Tactics (UT: 2004):
Xan Mk3

The latest incarnation of Xan

(It is not well known if you can change the outcome of which boss you get in the end of the game.) However, if Xan is the final boss you encounter, he has a specific skill set similar to what he had in Unreal Tournament 1999. Xan is a very agile boss and will only hunt for the player when he has a higher reserve of Health, resources and armor. In order to beat Xan a good knowledge of the shield and health vial spawns will go a long way. Always be the first to these locations before Xan! If Xan is weakened he will run away and attempt to recover his life before facing you. The minigun is the most effective weapon against him at a distance. If in the interior of the last level, he will attempt dodge splash damage attacks such as a shock core combo from the shock rifle, flak cannon and rocket launcher. Luring him into a more cramped space and killing him from a corner is also effective. Let him chase you and if you deploy a well places splash attack, he will run into it. If outside and in the low gravity space, minigun and shock rifle beam can blast him into space rather easily.

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