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Xidia Gold is a UT Conversion TV mod, released in 2004.

Xidia: The Incident Edit

It takes place at an unknown amount of years after Unreal, and takes control of a USM Soldier named Jones. He is ordered to investigate a Disturbance at Outpost Phoenix, a mining complex on the world of Xidia, he encounters various creatures, such as the Skaarj, the same race that invaded Na Pali. He turns on the station's power, but his Evac transport has been destroyed, forcing him to find his own way off the planet. He travels Underground, and even through a Derelict ship. Midway through, he is informed that another Evac transport is on there way. He must get to the Evac point at the Unnamed Military Complex upwards of Outpost Pheonix, as he nears the Complex, overhead, he sees a Helicopter. Not USM, but some of Outpost Pheonix' crew. He reaches the base, and fights the source of the invasion: A Darklord, an Enhanced Warlord with faster Agility and higher strength. He fights to the Evac point, and sees the Helicopter he saw in the Derelict Ship, before he can help it's crew, the Darklord destroys the Helicopter. He kills the Darklord, and the second Evac dropship comes in and retrieves him. A bomb, hidden somewhere in the base, goes off just as Jones leaves. He made it off in one peace.

Xidia: The Escape Edit

The player assumes control of a Miner of Outpost Phoenix, Morgan Spencer. He wants to escape the planet for the sake of his life, he awakes in a small hidden never before-seen room in the Military Complex. He find the rest of his friends dead, and just as he gets outside, Jones' evac ship takes off before they see him. He fights through Pupae, and gets contacted by another USM marine named Lt. Cray, Jones' former commanding officer. He helps him through the complex and manages to get him on a Cargo train, prior to escaping the base. He arrives at Outpost Pheonix, the place previously visited by Jones. Spencer is betrayed by Cray, as he just used him to bring the batteries to him. He battles through new types of Skaarj and many other Creatures, and arrives at the Dead Mines, another location visited by Jones. He finds out about a Xidian named the Controller, who has been known as an Illusion to most of the Miners. He is taken off as a Nali from Na Pali, and his minion, the Gray Dragon, is a take off of the Titans from on Na Pali. He kills the Controller, and heads into a new unseen section of the Derelict ship, encountering Skaarj Cyborgs. He finds a portal that leads him to an unknown location, he encounters a Skaarj Queen, and kills her. He is teleported back to Outpost Phoenix, and encounters a new type of Skaarj, the Skaarj Hybrid. After fighting through the base once again, he encounters Cray, who is trying to escape. Him and Cray fight to the death, Spencer kills Cray, and manages to call for the USM to pick him up. He is extracted, and is happy and proves that he will never come back to Xidia again.

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